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Tongues or Love

We're continuing in Chapter 13 of 1 Corinthians, and discussing the ever misunderstood phrase, "tongues of angels."

Theology Bites: Satanology (Part I)

We're beginning our talks on Satan by walking through his designations in the Bible.

What About Tongues? (Part II)

Continuing our discussion on the spiritual gift of tongues, we are taking an in-depth look at 1 Corinthians; specifically, chapter 12.

Theology Bites: Angelology (Part III)

We're concluding our talks on Angels with a discussion on their ministry and role.

What About Tongues?

Based on a listener's question, we're beginning this topic with a study of the use of the word "tongue(s)" in the Old and New Testaments; especially, the book of Acts.

Theology Bites: Angelology (Part II)

We're continuing our Systematic Theology talking about the characteristics of angels, as described in scripture.

Women Preachers? (Part II)

We're concluding our talk on women preaching, by addressing a few common - and fabley - arguments approving them.

Theology Bites: Angelology (Part I)

Next up in our "Systematic Theology": we're talking about angels and demons, and their occurrences in the Bible.

Women Preachers?

We're following up our talk on Beth Moore with something that seems to be completely ignored in the discussion: the biblical text. Here's our exposition of 1 Timothy 2:8-15.

Theology Bites: Canonicity

This is the doctrine of how we have what we now call "scripture." Why these 66 books?

The Godly Husband

Proverbs is replete with instruction of men in becoming a wise and godly man and husband. Here's what you should strive to be as a husband, or strive to look for in a husband.

Go Home

We are reluctant to talk on it, but due to listeners' interest and the media explosion surrounding it: here's our take on John MacArthur/Beth Moore.

The Godly Wife

Proverbs lays out many examples of a wise and godly wife. Here's what you should strive to be as a wife, or strive to look for in a wife.

Theology Bites: Christ, Spirit, and Bible

You can't talk about Bibliology without hitting Christology and Pneumatology. In fact, having a loose Bibliology leads to errant understanding of Christ and the Spirit.

Sex, Singleness, and Marriage (Part 3)

We're finishing up this series talking about marriage, and the importance of preparing to be a husband or wife.

Theology Bites: Bibliology

We're talking about special revelation; in other words: the theology of scripture. The Bible is inspired, inerrant, and authoritative.


It's taken over the headlines for a couple weeks, and everyone seems to be talking about it: Kanye West claims to be a born-again Christian. The news has been met with unbefitting, strong optimism and (discouragingly) pessimism.

Theology Bites: Doctrine of Revelation

This is intro to our next series - which is basically our own Systematic Theology. We're discussing the two aspects of revelation: Natural (General) and Special.

"Sex, Singleness, and Marriage" (Part 2)

In this second part, we're focusing on Christian singles.

Sex, Singleness, and Marriage (Part 1)

We're taking a few episodes to discuss Sex, Singleness, and Marriage; themes that have recently and continue to come to our attention as pastors.

Christian Discernment

Life is full of decisions. It is vital for every Christian to grow in discernment.

Economic Trinity: The Spirit

Our final episode on the Trinity. We're talking about the role and works of the Holy Spirit.

Economic Trinity: The Son

Many reject the deity of Christ because of a confusion between the ontology and the economics of the 2nd person of the Trinity.

Biblical Friendship

The culture we live in represents the idea of "friendship" in an entirely unbiblical way. A true, biblical friend is rare, and to be cherished.

Economic Trinity: The Father

After explaining the ontology of the First Person of the Trinity, we're now explaining His distinct role and activity within the Godhead.

Kinds of Theology

It is important for every Christian to learn theology, and there are many different disciplines of theology.

Trinity: Holy Spirit As God

We're talking about the deity of the 3rd Person of the Trinity: the Holy Spirit.

We Are Not (R)eformed

What is (R)eformed? Are you truly a "Calvinist"?

Bible Translations

We're talking about translation equivalency! There are many translations to choose from, but some should be completely avoided.

Are You "In The Faith?"

How can you "know" you have eternal life? By continually testing yourself with a sincere self-examination.

Trinity: Son As God

We're focusing in on the second person of the Trinity: the Son - Jesus Christ. The Bible is explicitly clear on the deity of Christ, and His unity and equality with the Father.

A Sanctified Rant

We're talking about the pitfall of the "Celebrity Pastor." Many will start well, but few will finish. Be slow to lift up a man as your example.

Father As God

The Father as God is never debated. However, His character and relationship towards His own as their father can be wrongly unrealized and unemphasized.

Church Planter Theologian

Having planted a church, and now starting to train church planters, we've seen the ever growing and changing methods of what a church planter should be. Some are far too removed from Paul's explicit commands.

Trinity: Supporting Passages

The God of the scriptures is without question, a triune God. We're talking through several key passages.

Christian Suffering

It's number one on the prayer request list. It's the most common topic of counseling sessions. Yet, Christ promised it was the means for each of His own to enter His kingdom.

Trinity: Plurality of God

We're back with the Trinity; this time exposing both Old and New Testament passages that emphasize the plurality of God.

The "Problem" Of Evil

“If God is all-knowing, loving, kind, and He possesses all power and authority over all things, and He is the creator: then why is there evil?” This one is all about "theodicy."

Repentance Q&A

We're diving even deeper into the subject of Repentance, as a follow up to Matt Miller's series of recent sermons.

Trinity: Oneness of God

We're tackling two heretical views of the trinity that keep popping up throughout history; in part due to the church's (at large) indifference to doctrine and history.

The Value of Contemplating God

As a precursor to our next series of talks on the Trinity, we're fleshing out the value of contemplating God, Doctrine, and Theology; along with all of the exegetical support.

Platt, Trump, and a Prayer

This event caused an enormous uproar. But why? We're talking about it, and why we should pray for our leaders and authorities.

Licentiousness & Legalism

We're discussing these fabley sides of the pendulum: hyper-grace and works-based salvation.

Limited Atonement

Since Limited Atonement is one of the most heavily debated topics in Christianity, we're dissecting the "problem" passages; with a few interruptions along the way.


"Unity" is a very important doctrine with much misunderstanding in the church - and therefore - misapplication.

When Did The Church Begin Pt. 2

We left you hanging...So here's the biblical, exegetically supported view.

Why Church Membership

Church membership has been known to cause theological controversy. But, the Bible is clear, and to not commit to a local church and its leaders is putting your spiritual growth and soul in peril.

When Did The Church Begin Pt. 1

As an introduction, we're discussing the many, prominent views on when the Church began.

Read Your Bible

Everyone agrees that you should read it. Even so, many would not know why, or equally as important - how.

How to Pray

This spiritual discipline can incite much guilt in Christians, yet it (along with Bible reading) is most vital to the Christian's life. We're offering practical ways and resources to improve your discipline of prayer.

What Is Grace?

Grace is a term that has gathered so many different meanings in broader Christianity, and as a result, been cheapened. So what is the true, biblical definition of "grace?"


In church history, many views have arisen on what Christ did or did not accomplish on the cross. These range from exegetically faithful to down-right fable-y.

When To Leave A Church

There are several reasons to leave a church. More so, there are several ways to leave it well.

Spirit Filling

The Bible makes the various realities and ministries of the Spirit quite clear, but so often understanding is clouded by emotion. We continue our talk on the Spirit with His distinct role of filling the believer.

When Not To Leave A Church

As a prelude to "When To Leave A Church," we have to talk about the vastly popular, and unbiblical reasons for leaving a church.

Spirit Indwelling

The Bible makes the various realities and ministries of the Spirit quite clear, but so often understanding is clouded by emotion. We continue our talk on the Spirit with His distinct role of indwelling the believer.

Church Discipline

An often misunderstood practice, Church discipline has been abandoned by many evangelical churches; to their detriment. We're discussing the basis and founding of this biblical mandate.

Spirit Baptism

The Bible makes the various realities and ministries of the Spirit quite clear, but so often understanding is clouded by emotion. Holy Spirit Baptism is a much confused doctrine in Christendom. Most of the confusion comes from poor understanding of the Biblical languages. It requires critical thinking, and when understood, leads to the very thing so many are pursuing with regard to the Holy Spirit.

Knowledge vs. Communion

In broad Evangelicalism, a distinction is often made between knowing God and communing with God. Especially that there are heightened experiences of communing with God, independent of the believer's knowledge and understanding of God. We're tackling this fable pervading the modern church.

The Traditionalist Statement of Faith Pt. 3

In this conclusion to our discussion of the "Traditionalist Statement of Faith," we discuss the three remaining articles: "The Sovereignty of God," "The Freewill of Man," and "The Great Commission."

The Two Wills of God

"How can I know God's will?" The answer is simple, but every Christian must take it and be comfortable with mystery.

The Traditionalist Statement of Faith Pt. 2

In this second part, we pick up this discussion with the next few articles of the Traditionalist's Statement of Faith: "The Sinfulness of Man," "The Atonement of Christ," "The Grace of God," "The Regeneration of the Sinner," and "The Election to Salvation."

Biblical Decision Making: The How To's

We're picking back up with our discussion on how to make a biblical decision. It's much simpler than we often make it, and freeing.

The Traditionalist Statement of Faith Pt. 1

In the Southern Baptist Convention, there is an explicitly anti-Calvinistic movement, known as Traditionalism. In these bonus episodes, we're tackling (and at times, trashing) the movement's theology by examining each article of its "statement of faith." In this part, we're dealing with the statement's Preamble and first article: "The Gospel."

Biblical Decision Making: The How Not's

Life is full of decisions: big and small. As a Christian, you want to be faithful and obey God, but it's hard to know what to do in the scripturally "gray" areas. Before you can know the "how to's" you have to know the "how not to's" which span from bad to evil.

The First One

Why a podcast? Why Faith & Fable? We're introducing ourselves, and discussing the only two things that can nourish a Christian: faith and doctrine.